Winter on Lake Champlain at Shelburne Farms<br />
Photo by Bernhard Wunder January 2016

Hello! I am so glad you stopped by!

I am a Vermont photographer and I love to share my images with others. I never know what might catch my eye as I walk, bicycle, ski, or drive through the landscape of Vermont. So, my rule is to always carry my camera with me everywhere.

My favorite images are those that reveal themselves to me when my heart is open to the world around me and I suddenly find myself captivated by a scene I may have passed dozens of times before. Most of my photographs are shot within 30 miles of my home near Bristol. The roads and hills and villages and farms are familiar, but when I am in that magical place of openness, I see familiar scenes through new eyes.

I first studied photography at university some 40 years ago when it was all film and negatives and smelly chemicals in darkrooms. Photography equipment has changed  since then and the new world of digital offers enormous opportunity. Ultimately, though, it always comes back to how one sees the world and how one expresses that vision.

Even though I didn’t make photography my career during my working years, throughout my life I have continued to nurture my innate creativity through the lens of a camera. In the last several years I have devoted myself to growing as a photographer and have been sharing my work in exhibitions. 

I hope you like how I see my world.

My work can also be found on Instagram – look for @amajanne

If you are looking for a particular type of image or need a special size print, please email me on the contact page.